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What is the size of the unit?

S15 is 120mm long
S20 is 180mm long

Is a Koi Carp pond safe to fill from the Aquabion water conditioner?

Koi are very sensitive to Zinc. So we recommend you do not fill your pond with treated water. As a human you you can safely drink up to 5 ppm. Koi can only cope with 0.005ppm!

I see limescale in my kettle, what’s gone wrong?

If you have cleaned the old limescale from your kettle, then what you have now is soft limescale which will just brush off, and will not keep building up. Unless you are impatient and grab the kettle after it has just boiled, and pour the water out. This causes the water residue to form steam, and then hard scaling will take place. Sorry about that, it’s just science in action. Go on, give it a go! This will show you that your limescale problems are over.

We are having a new bathroom/ kitchen fitted when should we have the Aquabion fitted?

You should have it installed at the same time, as this will keep the costs down for you, it will usually take only 1-2hrs to install.

What is hard water?

Hard water leaves hard mineral deposits (limescale) so hence the name- hard water.

Hard water also has a number of other effects:

  • Limescaling of heating elements (increased heating costs)
  • Stops soap studs forming
  • Cleaning takes longer and involves aggressive chemicals

What size Aquabion do I need?

For a detailed answer to this question, please click here

How does your device differ from all the others available?

We have looked at the other water softeners and related products and we haven’t come across one independent test report that you can see or download. Our solution is proven to prevent limescale build up and soften water, and you can find the independent test results to prove it, located on the test results and articles section pages.

What is soft water, and does Aquabion produce soft water?

Wikipedia definition:

“Soft water does not contain dissolved substances that produce scum and scale. It can also be defined as water that does produce lather with soap solutions.”

If you agree with the above statement, then YES Aquabion does produce soft water.

Does Aquabion stop these hard water effects?

Yes! the Aquabion is proven to stop the effects of hard water and prevent limescale.

Does the Aquabion reduce the flow rate/Pressure?

No, the units have been thoroughly tested and will only reduce the flow rate if a smaller version has been fitted than we recommended. Visit What size Aquabion do I need?

How does it work?

Put simply, the zinc reacts with the scale. Now the scale has reacted it will not react again. Download our independent test reports to show you that it does work. Or you can read more about how our saltless water softener works.

Does Aquabion protect steam ovens?

No, Aquabion doesn’t protect any products that use steam.

Do we need a specialist to install it?

No, they are very easy to install and the only rules are; install into metal (eg copper) pipe work, and install the cable and straps included in the pack.

Where does the unit get installed?

The unit should be installed straight after the stop tap so the whole house is protected. It is absolutely fine to drink the water.

Why do I still get lime spots on my sink and shower screen?

This is because as the water dries on the surface the soft lime becomes visible. BUT it will clean off now with a quick wipe of the cloth. The water tastes a little nicer since having an aquabion fitted. This is because the Zinc does taste nice and you still have the beneficial minerals from your water.

Will my shower, washing machine and dishwasher stop breaking down as much with an Aquabion?

Yes, you will only get a very thin layer of soft limescale which continually gets replaced. Shower heads may need a quick brush once or twice a year.

Will I see a reduction in my water heating bills?

Yes, the Aquabion will reduce limescale buildup, and the old limescale will slowly be eroded by the soft limescale. Time scale will depend on how your water is heated.

Can the Aquabion go wrong?

There are no moving parts to go wrong. The zinc will just slowly wear out, so we recommend replacement every 7 years to ensure you maintain the protection. The replacement is very quick and straight forward and costs for labour is from just £50. However, the product comes with a 5 year guarantee, for peace of mind.


Will I see a reduction in my water heating bills?

My water runs very slowly will an Aquabion sort this out?

As long as it is down to limescale it will get better, depending on your water flow. I was wondering if you have any information regarding the temperatures for which the system is effective.


Aquabion’s are effective in all WATER temperatures BUT has NO effect at any steam temperature. This is because the reaction between the calcium and zinc is reversed as the steam is generated.

Does it matter which way round the unit is installed?


How do you install the product?

We can arrange the installation for you if you would like to carry out the installation your self download the installation instructions below.


Click here for complete installation instructions

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