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Save money with water conditioner


Hard water can be very damaging to your wallet! Some solutions are just as damaging to your wallet, while others don’t even work!


You could try and remove the limescale from your water, but this is very expensive (see table).


Therefore, the solution you choose should be proven to work. Going for the cheapest water conditioner is not a good idea. There comes a time when price isn’t as important as the loss in quality, service and results.


Limescale build-up in your home or place of work causes many problems – and it’s not just the unsightly effects that are of major concern. The impact on the efficiency of boilers, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, irons, and central heating systems is also significant. Left untreated, limescale build-up increases the cost to daily living through the increased use of energy and the premature failure of appliances and heating systems.


3 reasons why green homes need limescale protection.

1. The clearest one is limescale building up on elements increases energy costs. 1mm of limescale causes 7.5% increase in energy costs

2. Equipment repair and servicing schedules are increased. For example, boilers might need repairing once a year in hard water areas compared with once every 3 years in soft water areas. Why a green issue: two visits by boiler engineer per problem, chemicals to do a clean of limescaled and/or replacement parts.

We need to find evidence for this. We should commission a survey.

3. Equipment failure. Similar to the above but this time the whole boiler, shower etc is condemned and replaced. Engineers are too expensive to have them repair electric showers. Much cheaper to replace the shower on the first visit.

Bonus. Cleaning chemical usage is increased where limescale is untreated. Chemicals need high levels of carbon to create them.


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What to expect from an Aquabion from Aquabion on Vimeo.