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Hard Water vs Soft Water

The Aquabion water conditioner helps prevent limescale build up, while still maintaining drinkable water that still includes all the naturally occurring minerals.This page discusses the advantages and disadvantages of hard and soft water.


Are there any benefits to hard water?


BUT what about disadvantages to soft water?! Let me inform you in this Hard Water vs Soft Water debate! My conclusion probably won’t surprise you though.

The benefits of hard water (yes, there are benefits!)
  • Hard water will not deteriorate your pipes.
  • Hard water is good to drink.
Disadvantages of hard water
  • Hard water can block your pipes.
  • You need lots more detergent to wash.
  • Hard water decreases your appliances’ (like washing machine, shower etc.) life span.
  • Cleaning is hard work
Benefits of soft water (or softened water)
  • None of the disadvantages above.
Disadvantages of soft water (or softened water)
  • Pipes can wear away prematurely.
  • It can be difficult to rinse off detergent.
So in the hard water vs soft water debate, which is best?


Aquabion water of course! It have the disadvantages of the hard water or soft water, and yet keeps the advantages of the hard water and soft water. You see Aquabion transforms the adhering lime into non-adhering lime. This removes all the disadvantages of hard water, without making artificially soft water.


So, order your Aquabion today and enjoy the benefits of Aquabion water tomorrow!