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3 years on.. still going strong

Dec 07, 2015 by ANTHONY ROBINSON

Without doubt, one of the best buys of my life. after 7 years in a super hard water area in North Islington, salt softener hell, when I moved into my new property 3.5 years ago, I couldn't face fitting a new one and looked for other options and so bought the Equation based on some dodgy youtube videos. Was sceptical, but needed an alternative to horrible salt tablets.

Two weeks after my new black slate bathroom had been fitted, but before any of the other plumbing work had been done, I knew I had to get the aquabion fitted- the new shower head holes blocking up in 2 weeks, and the grout was covered in limescale. Not good.

Once fitted by the plumber, the difference was immediate. Limescale build up has never got back to that initial 2 week build, and the need to limescale remover products is a white wine vinegar clean once every month.

I know for sure- my bathroom would have been a total wasted investment without the aquabion and would recommend to anyone.

Saltfree Zone

Nov 28, 2015 by roger stevens

I needed a water softener for our house as we live in a very hard water area. Previously we had had an ancient, conventional softener that involved sourcing and adding salt, but it died. So reading that the Aquabion did with out salt I was eager to investigate. The technology and reviews seemed sound and convincing so I bought one. Works well, and our limescale problem is no more.

Aquabion for 4 bed house

Nov 07, 2015 by Aron Cool

The differences with an Aquabion installed. my hands no longer get dried out. The kettle does not have scale constantly building up, there is still some soft scale which flakes off but nothing like before. The shower head no longer blocks up. The toilets no longer have stains caused by scale build up. The taps remain scale free and easy to clean, just a quick wipe. The shower screens are clear with no scale patterns building up. Soap goes much further and produces loads of bubbles which are now almost to plentiful and are hard to get rid of! Wish I'd found the Aquabion years ago.


Aug 23, 2015 by Nasir

A bit expensive, but we have noticed a slight difference.


Aug 19, 2015 by Debbie

Had the aquabion fitted earlier this year and yes it really does work.
We had a new bathroom fitted as well and as we live in a hard water area I was concerned my lovely bathroom would end up like my old one ...covered in lime scale.
We are very happy with this product .

Aquabion , USA 4.3 5.0 60 60 Been using the mini for while has made a a big difference really pleased.


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