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How does it work?


How does the unique Aquabion method work?


The Aquabion water conditioner system is based on a proven patented technology, with an international track record of successful installations in a wide range of domestic and industrial situations. The system uses zinc sacrificial anodes that release zinc ions which react with calcium to form aragonite. Thus preventing limescale build up and forming a thin protective layer. There is no other product on the market which can use this technology and there have been many independent tests which confirm that Aquabion is safe and 95%-98% effective.


Water treated by the Aquabion water conditioner is perfectly drinkable and still includes all the essential minerals that occur naturally.


The Aquabion has a highly pure, zinc sacrificial anode. This combined with Turbulence bodies creates currents leading to a self-cleaning effect of the anode. By dosing with the electrolytic method when fundamentally change the structure of the limescale. Below you will see the image before Zinc dosing and after Zinc dosing as found by J MacAdam for her Ph.D. Thesis.




Limescale monifided by Zinc

Aragonite Crystals under 2000x
Ⓒ MacAdam, J (2005).Calcium Carbonate Scale Formation and Control. Ph.D. Thesis. Cranfield University: U.K


This is an extract from one of our independent test results explaining how Aquabion solves your scale problems:


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