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Instant improvement

Apr 27, 2012 by Sue Matthews

We've installed the S20 and noticed great improvement - not only is lime scale a thing of the past, the whole cleaning process is quicker and the use of cleaning fluids drastically reduced.

My wife is very happy!

Mar 07, 2012 by Nigel Ottley

In December we renovated our shower so I was determined to find a solution to limescale before its effects became evident. I found Aquabion through Google and decided that it was worth a £70 gamble on a shower Aquabion to see if it really worked. Well it did - showerhead, tiles and door limescale free and much easier to clean (apparently!). At the end of January we invested in an S15 to protect the whole house. Now the taps are free from limescale too.


Mar 07, 2012 by Kay Webb

Having lived in Scotland with soft spring water for twenty years moving to Wiltshire and limescale was a shock to the system. When it came to doing up the kitchen in our new house it was an oportunity to get away from the salt based softener. I found Aquabion through a Google search and had to persuade the plumber to install it as he'd never heard of it. I'm so glad I pursued it. We have no limescale, just a wipe of the sink or shower and it's clean. No scrubbing, no chemicals and no equipment to hide. Thank you, it's a great product and it does what it says it does.


Mar 05, 2012 by Andy Stancombe

We live in Buckinghamshire, well know for it's hard water and the delights of ruined taps, showers and tiles! I installed a new bathroom and an Aquabion. three months later not a sign of lime scale. The water feels softer, we use less soap with no need for salt and complicated plumbing. These units appear expensive but when comparing against the cost of salt an the space a standard water softener needs the Aquabion wins hands down. IT WORKS!


Mar 05, 2012 by Michael

Don\'t ask me how it works! It does. I needed a solution for a new and expensive boiler installation to ensure it had an effective guarantee. It was fitted very easily by myself (keen DIY ). It just sits there and does it\'s job. No more limescale around taps/shower head. The electric kettle has a clear unscaled bottom.

Just don\'t ask me how it works!

Aquabion , USA 4.3 5.0 61 61 I bought the mini version for the shower some time ago and it has worked so well that I am looking to buy the S20! Really seems to work


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