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Aquabion Mini


Mini Aquabions for Tenants and Single Application

These excellent limescale inhibitors help to reduce limescale build up. They have the same technology as their big brothers. But condensed so that they can fit inside/outside a shower or washing machine! You’ll be amazed that something so small can have such a big impact.


The Problem

Showers and washing machines all dislike hard water. The performance and the hygiene are all effected by hard water. Shower heads need de-scaling regularly, washing machine elements needs replacing and do not work effectively.

The Benefits
  • Very fast to install by the householder
  • You can take it with you when you move house
  • 30% reduction in detergent use
  • Maintenance free
  • Prevents Limescale buildup
  • 3 year warranty


Watch the video below to see how easy the shower unit is to install







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