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Solving commercial and industrial limescale problems


reducing hard water damage – Solving industrial scaling problems - commercial water softener

Commercial water softeners must offer:

  • Reliability and high performance.
  • Zero maintenance. If your water softener stops working, then how would you know? What problems would this give you?
  • Great customer service.


The commercial solutions to limescale available from Aquabion are able to solve the problem of scale and corrosion.


On this page we attempt to explain how this solution can be used to achieve a multi-treatment effect and ensure that industrial scaling issues are now a thing of the past.



Scale deposits and corrosion created by water has been a major problem for industry since year dot– meaning loss of energy, waste of water, use of complex chemicals and cost of extensive repair work and downtime.


Calcium, magnesium and carbonate ions form hard crystalline deposits. The deposits increase proportionally with the temperature of water.
This leads to scaling, premature deterioration of machines, damage to cooling towers and reduction of performance of machines, slowing down the production process.


The oxygen contained in the water promotes the corrosion process of expensive equipment and plants.



Expensive maintenance + expensive inefficient hot water system.Limescaled up pipe - commercial water softener
Coolant circulation systems/cooling towers must be chemically treated and cleaned, which is time consuming and expensive.


Thermostat systems and heat-exchangers must be chemically cleaned and/or the plates must be exchanged.
Heat exchangers scale up, wasting energy. Expensive cleaning interrupts production.


Vacuum and centrifugal pumps develop scale causing reduced machine operating lives and loss of energy.


Scale and corrosion destroy drinking water pipes, causing leakages.
Shower heads, sanitary systems, washing facilities, warm water boilers and fittings scale up and must be maintained or replaced.


Maintenance intervals, chemical dosages, repairs and operating failures are time consuming and expensive with regards to equipment costs and competition.


Solving industrial scaling problems


The Aquabion works particularly well in circulation systems. Anti scaling stabilisers, corrosion stabilisers and so herbicides are no longer needed in many cases, because of the effect of micro-electrolysis. High costs through waste water and chemical additives are thus reduced.


How we solve industrial scaling problems

Aquabion solving hard water problems - commercial water softenerThe Aquabion is directly installed in the circular system, whereby the water periodically passes the treatment device, achieving a multi-treatment effect.


Particularly in open circular systems with cooling tower feeds, the high level of through-flow achieves especially good results. It is prerequisite that an individual, critical evaluation of the existing situation (water parameters, thickening, residues, etc.) is carried out on site.


If circular systems show corrosion problems, a mechanical fine filter needs to be installed to remove particles.


Other areas of employment:

The Aquabion can ideally be used to equip individual incoming lines for hot-water and vapor-producing facilities, such as:

Convectors, humidifiers, Stripping tower, Pumps, Compressors, Extruder facilities, Tempering circuits, etc.


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