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The proven limescale solution for your home


AB S20-S15 – domestic alternative to a water softenerThe S15 and S20 Aquabion water conditioners utilise the very same technology as their big brothers, which are frequently used in hotels, restaurants, and factories around the world to solve their limescale problems!


Remember there are many low-cost solutions to limescale out there that only have the one benefit of being low in cost.

The Aquabion solution is extremely cost-effective and will eventually allow you to recoup your initial costs within two to three years while giving you up to seven years of limescale protection.


Aquabion is simple to install, has an impressive international track record and really does work. When it comes to solutions to limescale, there is only one real solution – and that is Aquabion.


The benefits of using Aquabion

  1. Less money spent on heating your hot water, repairing/replacing appliances means more money to spend on the things you want
  2. Less cleaning chemicals which is great for your skin and the environment
  3. Cleaning takes less time, which means you have more time to do the thing you love
  4. You can relax because you can drink the water and even babies food can be made from the water unlike salt based units
  5. What is more, the treated water is not affected by time, unlike a lot of the electronic/magnetic units
  6. Above all, you can relax in the knowledge that you get 7 years peace of mind from the worrying problems of limescale

    large water softener – domestic alternative to a water softener

    Need a bigger unit? No problem we make commercial and industrial units as well

Aquabion is easy to have installed, has an impressive international track record and most importantly works!

The first step to getting an Aquabion is to find out what size you need by filling in the form to the right

Information sheet is located below


Technical information sheet for the S15


Technical information sheet for the S20




British Water confirm what many people living in hard water areas know only too well –

“If you live in a hard water area doing nothing to counter the problems that limescale causes is probably the most expensive option due to reduced efficiency of water heaters, extra energy required and increased maintenance costs”

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