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by Graham Martin on Aquabion
S15 now beginning 5th year in service

A truly remarkable piece of kit. Like everyone I was a bit sceptical at first but this unit has been fit and forget and so easy to install. We are a hard water area and limescale was an unsightly problem but is now a thing of the past. Unit starting its 5th year in use and no deterioration in performance noticed yet.

by Tom on Aquabion
Excellent item

I bought the mini version for the shower some time ago and it has worked so well that I am looking to buy the S20! Really seems to work

by Andea on Aquabion
Aquabion mini

Been using the mini for while
has made a a big difference really pleased.

by Clairerose on Aquabion

Have only had a few weeks but notice that kettle is not furring any more and
Machines are cleaner.

by Graham Martin on Aquabion
S15 now beginning 5th year in service

A truly remarkable piece of kit. Like everyone I was a bit sceptical at first but this unit has been fit and forget and so easy to install. We are a hard water area and limescale was an unsightly problem but is now a thing of the past. Unit starting its 5th year in use and no deterioration in performance noticed yet.

by N Anderson on Aquabion
Blind Test Confirms Substantial Reduction in Limescale

Only because the plumber who recommended an Aquabion had greatly impressed me with the quality of his work did I accept his recommendation to install one in our flat in London. After installation, there seemed to be less limescale in the shower, but I was suspicious that I was simply seeing what I wanted to see. Then my wife said there was less limescale on the kitchen counter -- which tends to be very noticeable, since our counter is black. So I ran a test. I made a small puddle on the counter with a few drops of water drawn from our kitchen tap and another with a few drops drawn from a utility tap elsewhere in the building. I did not tell my wife which puddle was which. Even before the puddles had fully dried, she readily identified the puddle from the (non-Aquabion-protected) utility tap, for it was clearly leaving much more residue.

If I were doing this again, I would take post-shower photos of the shower cubical before and after installation of the Aquabion. That would provide me with a clear indication as to the Aquabion's effectiveness.

by Julian Humphreys on Aquabion
Aquabion Mini - Shower

We have very hard water and lime scale is a problem for all appliances and particularly the shower. Had a refit recently and incorporated an Aquabion Mini .... only a month in but looks good. Will be adding one to washing machine soon ... as we have been through 3 machines in 10 years

3 years on.. still going strong

Without doubt, one of the best buys of my life. after 7 years in a super hard water area in North Islington, salt softener hell, when I moved into my new property 3.5 years ago, I couldn't face fitting a new one and looked for other options and so bought the Equation based on some dodgy youtube videos. Was sceptical, but needed an alternative to horrible salt tablets.

Two weeks after my new black slate bathroom had been fitted, but before any of the other plumbing work had been done, I knew I had to get the aquabion fitted- the new shower head holes blocking up in 2 weeks, and the grout was covered in limescale. Not good.

Once fitted by the plumber, the difference was immediate. Limescale build up has never got back to that initial 2 week build, and the need to limescale remover products is a white wine vinegar clean once every month.

I know for sure- my bathroom would have been a total wasted investment without the aquabion and would recommend to anyone.

by roger stevens on Aquabion
Saltfree Zone

I needed a water softener for our house as we live in a very hard water area. Previously we had had an ancient, conventional softener that involved sourcing and adding salt, but it died. So reading that the Aquabion did with out salt I was eager to investigate. The technology and reviews seemed sound and convincing so I bought one. Works well, and our limescale problem is no more.

by Aron Cool on Aquabion
Aquabion for 4 bed house

The differences with an Aquabion installed. my hands no longer get dried out. The kettle does not have scale constantly building up, there is still some soft scale which flakes off but nothing like before. The shower head no longer blocks up. The toilets no longer have stains caused by scale build up. The taps remain scale free and easy to clean, just a quick wipe. The shower screens are clear with no scale patterns building up. Soap goes much further and produces loads of bubbles which are now almost to plentiful and are hard to get rid of! Wish I'd found the Aquabion years ago.

by Nasir on Aquabion

A bit expensive, but we have noticed a slight difference.

by Debbie on Aquabion

Had the aquabion fitted earlier this year and yes it really does work.
We had a new bathroom fitted as well and as we live in a hard water area I was concerned my lovely bathroom would end up like my old one ...covered in lime scale.
We are very happy with this product .

by David on Aquabion
No More Limescale Here

Living in London we are used to hard water, but after an expensive bathroom refit, which included a new hot water tank, our plumber recommended fitting an Aquabion unit. This has proven to be an excellent move, with no trace of limescale on any of the new surfaces or fittings, and lovely silky water from all the taps. Also, much more convenient than salt-based systems, and takes up no space in our apartment. Would recommend Aquabion highly to anyone contemplating a water softener.

by A. Obideyi on Aquabion
Time will tell

I have recently had the installation of the Aquabion by a professional plumber 3 weeks ago. It seems (may be) rather early to comment but hope it will work! Will update you in due course.

by louise on Aquabion
Doesn't work

Friendly company, but unfortunately acquabion doesn't work. I have used a traditional salt block softener in my previous (much larger) property in this town which worked perfectly. Acquabion appears to make little or no difference and my son's eczema has returned.

by John on Aquabion
Is there a danger to fish!

Hi, great unit fitted a number of the S20s, very impressed. However can you inform me if there is any danger to filling a fish tank via the filtered water due to the zinc element??

by Le Maitre on Aquabion
Aquabion S20 : 19 days to get it !

Aquabion website: We are very fast. The time from reading this to having it install can be the very next day! ==> Reality : It took 18 days for my aquabion to be shipped !!!
Quote for installation: never received !
Installation: Careful, fitting ends are not provided (nowhere Aquabion mention it). Tell your plumber before he comes to install it.
Performance of the Aquabion: Too early to write about it.

by Thomas Goodridge on Aquabion

The unit has now been installed for a month, and I must admit it is performing better than expected.
due to the pipework being installed around thirty years ago I expected to see some minor changes with the water but thought it would take a lot longer to clear the lime scale, but we see a vast improvement just after a month.
The plumber took about 1 hour to install the unit due to having to modify some of the other pipework.
I would recommend this system to others.

by Diana Turner on Aquabion
Mini Aquabion for Shower

AMAZING!!! I am so impressed with the mini aquabion for the shower. We live in a hard water area and I wanted to fit a water softener because my son has eczema with very dry patches of skin. I also have dry skin and I knew that the shower needing constant cleaning was due to the hard water. Since fitting the mini Aquabion (which was so easy) I can't believe the difference it has made. Our skin is softer, my sons eczema is hardly noticeable anymore, my hair feels so soft and looks so much better and to top it all the shower hardly needs cleaning at all.

I am recommending this to all my friends and family and will save up to have a main unit fitted to soften all the water in the house.

Do you offer any discounts for multiple purchases?

by Shane Stainsby on Aquabion
Outstanding performance

Living in a hard water area and having to replace the secondary heat exchanger on our combi boiler due to lime scale build up proved to be the catalyst to searching for a solution to our hard water problem. I looked at salt based water softeners but space/maintenance/cost/drinking water issues just meant they didn’t add up, others which use a drip feed to dope the water just seemed really expensive and significantly impacted the output water pressure. So the Aquabion sacrificial anode solution just really picked itself, the small form factor, no impact on water pressure and no need for maintenance really stood out against the competition. The system was installed 3 months ago and it has exceeded our expectations. The shower screen which we could not get clear of lime scale build up is now completely clear and requires a simple wipe down every week. Not having used this product before I was a little dubious but willing to give it a chance. I now have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this product to anyone who suffers from problems with hard water.

by Jeannette on Aquabion
I wish I had known earlier!

I bought the small Aquabion attachment for my shower. I found it extremely easy to install (less than 5 minutes).
I have very sensitive skin but since using this gadget my skin has been noticeably softer and in much better condition.
I have no reservation about recommending it . Excellent product.

by Sylwia on Aquabion
very good

m very pleased that I bought aquabion. the new unit is very small and seemed to soften the water.

by David on Aquabion

After quite a delay in having the unit installed (due to building issues) the results are very impressive. I live in a hard water area and limescale was a problem on brightwork and glass. The unit has all but eliminated limescale and as other clients have mentioned a quick wipe removes any powdery residue. Glass screens remain clear. Although I understood the science behind the product I was sceptical about how useful the unit would be. I was wrong it works very well indeed.

by Jeff D on Aquabion

I'm very pleased that i replaced a unit that was installed 2 years ago, the new unit is very small and seemed to soften the water better than the old unit, the main advantage of the new unit was increased water pressure to taps and shower as the old unit had a high pressure loss.

by John Tilzey on Aquabion
Very Good

So far I am pleased with the product which was very easy to install and is tucked away out of sight. Limescale deposits seem to have stopped and although you still get watermarks on chrome fittings etc these wipe off in most instances with just a cloth. Clothes out of the washing machine also seem softer and easier to iron.

by Mark on Aquabion
so far so good

I am using the Aquabion for an outdoor application - treatment of very hard well water. Its early days but so far so good. The aggressive limescale deposition observed prior to installation does appear to be significantly less. Quite expensive initial purchase cost but since it is working I am happy - good stuff. Thanks!

by Tony Hill on Aquabion
Exactly as descrbed

Having deliberately waited nearly two years to write a review, I can now safely say the product works exactly as described. It is relatively easy to fit and is unobtrusive under the kitchen sink. I’m a fan.

by John Cumming on Aquabion

Cannot speak highly enough of this little WONDER.
My husband was VERY sceptical about it as was my son-in law who fitted it. BUT IT WORKS, and so simple to fit no hassle.
We had a new shower fitted in May this year and I have been getting quite depressed about the build up of lime scale and forever trying to make the glass and chrome look bright, but now just a quick wipe over and it looks great, it has only been fitted a month and every day I feel there is an improvement, we are recommending it to all our friends who want a water softene, one friend recently paid well over £1200 for a fit it himself job, and then still has to buy salt, unfortunately it was before we had ours fitted,
From a VERY Delighted customer.
Toni & John Cumming.

by Rick on Aquabion

Further to my review on 11 October 13 I am now happy to say that my inline shower aquabion is brilliant. I have not had to descale the shower head since fitting and the shower doors are wipe clean. I will fit a whole house system if I can get a nice discount!
Highly recommended

by Nem on Aquabion

Ordering process very easy, unit arrived in couple of days. Easy to install, but you do need to buy the male fittings, as they are not supplied. Unit took about an hour to install. So far it has made a noticeable difference, we have less limescale and less watermarks. It is early days and too early to judge, but it unit looks positive.

by Jonathan Durant on Aquabion

Arrived promptly and easy to fit. After a few days the usual effects of the very hard water in this part of Suffolk started to decrease and the water now seems much softer and more pleasant. Cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom is easier. The limescale in the kettle, which I left to see what would happen, has begun to break up and dissolve - about a third has gone in just under a month. The Aquabion appears to be doing exactly what it is claimed it does and I whole heartedly recommend it.

by Ian on Aquabion

So far so good....

delivered on time and product looks good

by Kendrick on Aquabion
just what was ordered

The unit installed quickly and good results followed. Excellent product.

by Rick on Aquabion
It works!

I installed the shower version in-line on the cold feed to a 10.5Kw electric shower. All seems to be well so far. There is a marked reduction in lime scale, the shower doors are very easy to clean and the soap seems to lather up quicker. I will give it a few more months then probably up grade to the whole house system.

by Sylwia on Aquabion

I have notice that from the first day. Water is soft and less lime scale.

by John Kerr on Aquabion
No more salt tablets

Fantastically simple device, suitable for my small flat....my towels come out soft, no need to tumble dry....

by Jim Gregory on Aquabion

We have had ours installed for a few weeks and have already noticed a difference. Less limescale and softer water.

by Mrs Kothari on Aquabion

I've had the aquabion for 4 months now. I have noticed reduced limescale and mine and my children skin are not as dry. It's great that I don't have to worry about it for 7 years and it will carry on doing its job. My parents have the same system and they are really pleased with it.

by Tamara on Aquabion
Aquabion Mini

I installed Aquabion Mini, frankly I did not expect anything, but from the first day I noticed my hair was unusually soft, in a nice way, I thought it was just a coincidence, (although I did not change my hair products), but actually since then my hair is really soft and nice, honestly could not believe the difference. We also noticed that the shower unit glass is a lot cleaner after using water filtered through the Mini, for example before water used to leave kind of stain marks after the shower, whilst now the glass actually looks cleaner. I don't know how it works but it does.

by mark hodkinson-parker on Aquabion
positive report

i fitted my aqabion over a year ago now, i have left it untill now to give an accurate review. i have found less limescale build up and limescale that is there is easier cleaned away. i did have an electronic device to help stop the effects of limescale but the aqabion is alot more effective

by Clive Cargill on Aquabion
It does what it says.

My wife used to suffer with dry patches on her skin prior to fitting the S15. Very soon after fitting she noticed an improvement in her condition. Now 4 weeks later, the dry patches have nearly all gone. We have also noticed an improvement in general washing & cleaning. our friends who own a 'Softener machine' which uses salt etc, are so convinced / imppressed, they are contacting Aquabion in the near future.

by Terry Phillips on Aquabion
aquabion 20

So far so good it seems to be doing job according to my wife
I thought it was expensive and did not compare to alternatives

by Nick Syrett on Aquabion

We live in a hard water area in Kent and suffer from significant limescale.
After much research we chose to have the S20 fitted - despite my plumber' s sceptical views!
Firstly noticed that the water looked 'clearer' and tasted ' cleaner'......don't think its my mind playing tricks. As for the limescale, I would say that it is much reduced........probably by two thirds - it hasn't completely gone from the shower doors but it takes a lot longer to develop. The kettle also takes longer to show sign of limescale build up. So all-in-all we are pleased with the purchase but it will need to keep doing this for a few years to justify the expense.
We were happy to tell our plumber that we've noticed a difference in the water quality....

by Jeff Barden on Aquabion
S15 review

I installed an S15 appox 1 month ago. Currently the results so far are limited. Soap seems more affective now taps etc still have scale build up but seem to clearing slowly. I feel the results will continue to improve in time....... Watch this space !!

by Derek Pearce on Aquabion
D Pearce in North Kent

I live in a very hard water area in North Kent and the block water softener needed replacing the Aquabion product was recommended to me. I fitted the unit month ago and have seen the reduction of limescale deposits around taps shower tray and washbasins. Even where there was old hardened limescale deposits on the shower tray have started to disappeared. Very please with the product easy to fit and should save me time and the costs, now I don't have to service the old block water softener.

by Sean Jones on Aquabion
What a beauty !!!

Fitted it 2 weeks ago no more limescale or buying bags
of salt for me....
Got a Cracking service from MP Moran in North London
They keep in stock as well

by Peter Stanley on Aquabion

No further updates from previous review subitted recently.

by Roger Loy on Aquabion
three weeks in

So far so good. New kettle purchased as old one completely furred up - no sign of lime scale yet - sure sign that something is different. Shower screen shows much less lime scale build up and shower heads still fully functioning after last descale four weeks ago. Nothing else changed to system so it must be down to the aquabion.

by Peter Stanley on Aquabion

Installed the S15 on 30th December 2012. Still early days. We have noticed the following changes:
Washing up use less liquid and soap bubbles remain longer.
The Glass Shower Screen as claimed is left cleaner with fewer splashes and easy to clean.
Limescale on the Toilet Basin has certainly been reduced over this short period, also the deposits on the Sink Basin shows signs of less deposits.
My wife claims that her Jewelry sparkles without the need to polish.
So far good results, expecting even further improvements, watch this space.

by Martin Baylis on Aquabion
Time will tell!

We have only had it fitted for three days so really can't say much about it's effect on the water quality, but the Aquabion arrived safe and sound and well within time, will let you know in a couple of years time how well it performs.

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