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Aquabion mini

Mar 09, 2017 by Andea

Been using the mini for while
has made a a big difference really pleased.

Jan 09, 2017 by Clairerose

Have only had a few weeks but notice that kettle is not furring any more and
Machines are cleaner.

S15 now beginning 5th year in service

Aug 02, 2016 by Graham Martin

A truly remarkable piece of kit. Like everyone I was a bit sceptical at first but this unit has been fit and forget and so easy to install. We are a hard water area and limescale was an unsightly problem but is now a thing of the past. Unit starting its 5th year in use and no deterioration in performance noticed yet.

Blind Test Confirms Substantial Reduction in Limescale

Jul 23, 2016 by N Anderson

Only because the plumber who recommended an Aquabion had greatly impressed me with the quality of his work did I accept his recommendation to install one in our flat in London. After installation, there seemed to be less limescale in the shower, but I was suspicious that I was simply seeing what I wanted to see. Then my wife said there was less limescale on the kitchen counter -- which tends to be very noticeable, since our counter is black. So I ran a test. I made a small puddle on the counter with a few drops of water drawn from our kitchen tap and another with a few drops drawn from a utility tap elsewhere in the building. I did not tell my wife which puddle was which. Even before the puddles had fully dried, she readily identified the puddle from the (non-Aquabion-protected) utility tap, for it was clearly leaving much more residue.

If I were doing this again, I would take post-shower photos of the shower cubical before and after installation of the Aquabion. That would provide me with a clear indication as to the Aquabion's effectiveness.

Aquabion Mini - Shower

Jun 08, 2016 by Julian Humphreys

We have very hard water and lime scale is a problem for all appliances and particularly the shower. Had a refit recently and incorporated an Aquabion Mini .... only a month in but looks good. Will be adding one to washing machine soon ... as we have been through 3 machines in 10 years

Aquabion , USA 4.3 5.0 60 60 Been using the mini for while has made a a big difference really pleased.


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