Small water softeners that don’t take up a cupboard

Limescale in your home or place of work causes many problems. And it’s not just the unsightly effects that are of concern. The impact on the efficiency of boilers, showers, kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, irons, and central heating systems is significant. Left untreated limescale increases the cost of daily living through the increased use of energy and the premature failure of appliances and heating systems. I’m sure that many of you don’t need reminding of the hassle and upheaval that accompanies the installation of a new shower or heating system, but failure to deal with limescale means that you will have to endure the whole process again. In addition, wasting energy and the early demise of expensive appliances is bad for the planet, as well as bad for your finances. A small water softener will stop these issues.

How small is a small water softener?

There no such thing as even small water softeners has to be large to trap all the lime. The key thing to remember is that around 75kg of lime comes through the average house every year. You have the Aquabion the best alternative to a water softener.

For instance:

  • Our products can be fitted behind the kitchen cabinet
  • Or they can be fitted to the side of a cupboard, like in the photo opposite. These small water conditioners can be fitted anywhere and will save you money and time as cleaning will be so much easier.

What is saltless water softener?

Saltless water softeners not currently exist. They are currently used to advertise water conditioners.

Water conditioners are devices that don’t remove the calcium (limescale), instead, they just treat the calcium, so that it will not damage your system.
The advantages of water conditioners are that they don’t remove the calcium! I know this sounds crazy, but hard water is good for you! The limescale that you so much hate, might well have saved your life!

The other main benefit of alternatives to water softeners is that they treat the whole house. There are studies that show drinking water from a salt-based water softener would introduce too much sodium in your diet (for those suffering from various heart conditions). So if you go down the salt based water softener route you will need to have a separate tap for drinking water.

Alternatives to water softeners have none of the drawback of salt based water softeners, main ones being the risk of premature, wearing out of pipe work and appliances (when the water is too soft), and break downs.

The disadvantages are that the treated calcium can still dry on surfaces, though it should just wipe of if the water conditioner is working. Unfortunately the main drawback is hardy (we haven’t been able to find any, apart from ourselves) have any independent test reports for you to read! Aquabion is different, we have the lab reports, we have the reputation.