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The end is nigh…

The old fashioned way of dealing with the problems of hard water, has had another blow. A ban on using salt in water softeners salt!!!

The old fashioned machines (which normally take up a kitchen cupboard), needs regular bags of salt. So if the proposed ban on flushing salt down

What are saltless water softeners?

Saltless water softeners are devices that don’t remove the calcium (limescale), instead they just treat the calcium, so that it will not damage your system.


The advantages with saltless water softeners is that they don’t remove the calcium! I know this sounds crazy, but hard water is good for

What is hard water?

Hard water is a type of mineral water, this means that there are dissolved minerals in the water. The particular minerals in question are Calcium and Magnesium.

The good news is that these minerals are good for you!

The bad news is that they do make cleaning much harder, heating

Cleaning in hard water areas

Cleaning in hard water areas, is hard work! It seems like minutes after cleaning, the sinks look dirty again. People often buy lots of chemicals in order to try to make life a little easier. However, white vinegar and washing up liquid can cut through the dirt and limescale very

How to cope with hard water (limescale)


This can be much worse in hard water. There is a study running at the moment to try and access if there is a benefit to using a water softener or not. One irritant of eczema is chemical (particularly perfume), my son’s eczema is very sensitive to this. We