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Hard Water – The Effects on Skin and Hair

If you live in a hard water area, it’s more than likely you will be familiar with some of the effects that hard water can have on your skin and hair. But, do you know them all and do you know the full extent of the effects?


1. Dry,

Aquabion production by a highly skilled workforce in Germany
Anodes for water conditioners

Anodes being precisely machined

The finished anodes

Some of the vital smaller components


An Aquabion body being precisely machined to exact tolerances.


Nearing the end. All components ready for the final stages

high end water conditioner

Some of the larger units finished for stock

10 signs that hard water could be a problem in your home
  1. Your washing machine is leaving your clothes feeling rough, discoloured or just not clean.
  2. You’re always cleaning soap scum in bathroom.
  3. Family members are suffering with skin irritations.
  4. Your appliances are wearing out quickly or do not seem as effective.
  5. Despite lots of scrubbing, you can’t seem to get rid
4 reasons why green homes need limescale protection…

1. The clearest one is limescale building up on elements increases energy costs. 1mm of limescale causes 7.5% increase in energy costs.


2. Equipment repair and servicing schedules are increased. For example, boilers might need repairing once a year in hard water areas compared with once every 3 years …

The end is nigh…

The old fashioned way of dealing with the problems of hard water, has had another blow. A ban on using salt in water softeners salt!!!

The old fashioned machines (which normally take up a kitchen cupboard), needs regular bags of salt. So if the proposed ban on flushing salt down