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Hard Water


Why is hard water called hard water?

Hard water leaves hard mineral deposits (limescale) so hence the name hard water. As pipes and elements scale up energy costs go through the roof. See hard water damage in the image to the left.

Hard water also has a number of other effects:

  • Limescaling of heating elements (increased heating costs)
  • Stops soap studs forming
  • Cleaning takes longer
Hard water will:
  • block your pipework and appliances
  • destroy your shower and bath taps
  • increase cleaning efforts
  • devalue your home
  • increase your energy bill by up to 55% – (see chart)
  • increase your water bill

Just 1mm of lime scale increases your bill and carbon footprint by 10%!


ONLY HALF the amount of cleaning chemicals will be needed after installing an Aquabion to reduce hard water and prevent limescale buildup.


Energy loss due to limescale:



Does Aquabion stop these hard water effects?




What is soft water, and does Aquabion produce soft water?


Wikipedia definition:


“Soft water does not contain dissolved substances that produce scum and scale. It can also be defined as water that does produce lather with soap solutions.”


If you agree with the above statement, then YES Aquabion does produce soft water.